Introducing our new Puppy and Kitten Packages

The offer includes a health check, full primary course of vaccination, initial worm and flea treatment, ID chipping plus 4 weeks free insurance. As part of this offer we will also offer a 10% discount off the full cost of neutering, if it is preformed between 6-7 months of age.

Puppy Package £65.00 Kitten Package £70

Pet Smile Month March and September
Free dental check and 30% off any necessary dental work.

Which of our pets need dental checks? They all do! Research indicates that 85% of dogs and 70% of cats over the age of 3 will be affected Periodontal disease, causes inflamed gums which detach slightly from the teeth, and allow bacteria to become trapped between the teeth and gums. Each time the animal eats,  the gums bleed a little, releasing bacteria into the bloodstream. This can lead to infection of the major organs.
A check up every six months, or at least annually at the time of your pet’s vaccination booster, will detect any problems

2015 Calender of Promotions:

January: Puppy and kitten packs

February: Geriatric Screen

March: Pet Smile month

April: Pet Health Care Plan launch

May: Free Rabbit health check and certificate

June: ID chip offer

July: Nexguard and Broadline launch

August: Nexguard and Broadline launch

2015 Calender of Campaigns:

Yellow Dog Project

Hyperthyroidism awareness

Adopt a Guinea Pig month

Rabbit Awareness month NANANANSNSa

Wildlife Young awareness

Fly Strike awareness

Heat and dogs in cars awareness

Autumn berries and

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